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The DNA of Collaboration: Streamlined Information Management

Updated: Jul 15

A global leader in the development of products and cell cultures for biotechnical research turned to Entech for a more efficient approach to sharing information across their organization.

Business Challenges

  • Lacked a standard mechanism for sharing information and collaborating between teams

  • Hindered access to critical data and caused employees to re-invent research already completed 

  • Resulted in critical processing delays and slowed time to market

  • Caused frustration for employees and customers

Entech's Solutions

  • Performed a detailed assessment of Rockland’s computing infrastructure and existing content management framework, determining a cloud migration was the best solution

  • Developed an information taxonomy framework and metadata schemas to make information accessible and searchable

  • Implemented an MS SharePoint solution, including security and user subscription tracking with automated document update alerts.


  • Facilitated internal exchange of information and idea sharing across the organization

  • Enabled clients to securely access and search a vast repository of documentation and images

  • Subscription engine with automatic updates enhanced efficiencies across product lines

  • Customer portal eliminated user queries, reducing costs and improving customer experience


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