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Sign-up Success: Rapid E-Wallet Onboarding

Updated: Jul 15

A bank launching an electronic e-wallet payment product wanted to scale its merchant acquisition capability. They turned to Entech to engineer a way to rapidly onboard retailers and manage their mobile transactions.

Business Challenges

  • Retailers faced challenges when setting up their mobile wallets

  • There was an unintuitive user experience, causing frustration during sign-up

  • Manual processes allowed more user error and increased the onboarding time

  • Lacked automated analytics, preventing a real-time view of product success

Entech's Solutions

  • Built a merchant application that simplified the installation and set-up of the e-wallet services for merchants

  • Integrated application with the bank’s legacy systems

  • Established automated analytics for the bank


  • Enabled efficient merchant sign-up and reduced onboarding time for new merchants

  • Eliminated manual processes

  • Enabled automated analytics for the bank’s management


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