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Sky-High Rewards: Customer Rewards Portal

Updated: Jul 15

An international airline wanted to drive revenue, partnerships, and customer loyalty by implementing a small business rewards program. It turned to Entech to help it build a highly scalable consumer platform for prequalification, registration, and management.

Business Challenges

  • Faced the task of creating a scalable data system for high-volume transactions and landing pages

  • Required personalization for targeted program offers by location and profile

  • Needed integrating intelligence and analytics for services based on prequalification codes

  • Desired the ability to integrate with alliance partner CRM systems and databases to cross-sell opportunities, discounts, and management of reward points

Entech’s Solutions

  • Designed, developed, and delivered a scalable API platform 

  • Architected a microservice engine with personalized landing pages connected to the CRM system

  • Included application integration and management infrastructure for third-party partners to sign up and participate in the program

  • Provided a dedicated support team to handle enhancements after launch


  • The program exceeded revenue goals and drove additional business partnerships

  • Additional support provided after launch ensured a seamless user experience

  • The program remains in the top 5 in the world with 90M+ users


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