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A Little Bottle of Joy: A Product Engineering Story

Updated: Jul 15

A healthcare technology startup developed an innovative sensor designed to measure feedings in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU). This sensor aimed to revolutionize the way healthcare professionals monitor and manage feeding protocols for premature infants, providing real-time data insights to improve patient care and outcomes. The company turned to Entech to develop a way for the bottle technology to transmit data to the care team.

Business Situation

  • Faced challenges in establishing seamless connectivity between the ITO sensor device and Android devices, hindering the efficient transmission of data

  • Struggled to provide healthcare professionals with meaningful visualizations and real-time insights into key feeding markers, limiting their ability to make informed decisions

  • Needed to navigate the complex process of preparing a submission to the FDA for product approval, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and standards for medical devices

Entech's Solutions

  • Developed a robust solution to enable Low Energy Bluetooth connectivity between the ITO sensor device and Android devices, ensuring seamless data transmission and synchronization

  • Implemented an AWS Cloud infrastructure to securely stream real-time data from the ITO sensor device, enabling healthcare professionals to access visualizations and analytics of key feeding markers for enhanced analysis and decision-making


  • Provided expert guidance and assistance to Innovator RN in preparing their FDA submission, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, and facilitating a smooth approval process for product launch.

  • Integration with AWS Cloud allowed healthcare professionals to access real-time visualizations and analytics of key feeding markers, empowering them to make informed decisions and optimize patient care in NICU settings

  • Successfully prepared and submitted their FDA application, paving the way for the regulatory approval of their ITO sensor device and subsequent product launch in the healthcare market


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