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Manufacturing the Future: Integration Architecture

Updated: Jul 15

A manufacturer specializing in customized engineered solutions for thermoplastics, elastomers, and composites turned to Entech due to challenges in their integration architecture, which was critical for their IT and digital transformation initiative.

Business Challenges

  • Faced challenges in navigating multiple platforms, causing inefficiencies

  • Encountered difficulties in classifying integrations, which hindered seamless operations

  • Dealt with challenges in validating integration posture, creating setbacks in strategic planning

  • Struggled handling the complexity of future-proofing the enterprise with additional connected ecosystems, making seamless integration and system stability difficult

  • Encountered difficulties in enabling digital transformation, creating a negative user experience 

Entech's Solutions

  • Established the future state Integration Strategy and Architecture that provided scalable, reliable, and secured integration capabilities based on business needs

  • Deprecated legacy technologies and 3rd-party solutions

  • Standardized on SAP Integration Suite


  • Saved costs and ensured Enterprise Architecture consistency

  • Secured buy-in from business leaders

  • Established a clear direction on platform integration workload compatibility

  • Reduced complexities and prevented integration platform sprawl


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