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Growth Investments: Pivot to Project Management

Updated: Jul 15

A mission-driven credit card issuer fintech that guides customers with data to empower them to make better credit decisions turned to Entech when struggling with their growth initiative to grow account volumes 4X over the next four years.

Business Challenges

  • Faced challenges with misaligned projects, which inhibited their speed to market

  • Lacked an understanding of their current IT state including potential risks, operational constraints, and limitations to scale

  • Didn’t have a plan for their future-state IT operating model, which would safeguard company growth and support product managers

Entech's Solutions

  • Evaluated the current state and identified risks and constraints

  • Conducted interviews, established technology classification, and performed R/A/G Assessment

  • Completed benchmarking, delivered a future-state IT model, and created a prioritization framework with a detailed roadmap

  • Provided a comprehensive assessment of Master Servicers, covering key capabilities, pricing, conversion timelines, and internal benefits/risks.

  • Defined a new product-centric IT operating model with clear roles and "Shift-left" strategies


  • Established IT budgeting and funding updates

  • Empowered Product Managers to leverage technology to support growth initiatives


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