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Create authentic relationships with your customers

Speak with customers in one voice with personalized products and services.

Consulting Services

Find the perfect talent for your next project

GradTech is a hybrid accelerator for talent acquisition


Entech = Finovation

financial innovation ahead of the curve

fin·ov·a·tion   /fin’ovāSH(e)n/   noun

Loan Solutions

Entech has reimagined lending. We deliver next generation lending solutions that speed up the lending lifecycle, automate key processes, lower risk, and enhance the entire customer experience.

loan solutions

Consulting Services

Speed, innovation, and customer engagement are the hallmarks of every great business. We help our clients achieve all three. Whether you need technology, tools, services, or expertise, we deliver.

consulting services


GradTech is a hybrid accelerator for talent acquisition. This team-based program delivers local talent, trained and ready to increase efficiency, lower costs, and infuse your business with future leaders.


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